Characteristics of Original Vibhuthi :

1)Vibhuthi should be prepared from Swadeshi Cows (Bos Indicus family)

 (i.e.Traditional Indian native Cow breeds like Kangaeyam,Umblachery,Gir,Ongole etc.,).Kindly see the "Original Cows " slideshow on right to see the Sacred Native cow breeds which are nearing EXTINCTION)

2)It should NOT be prepared from the dung of "Jersey "or "Holstein-Friesian" cross-bred animals (Bos-Taurus family) which do not belong to Cow species Family (Bos-Indicus).

3)It should be prepared only by Learned Vedic Brahmin Pandits.

4)It should have NO adulterants like Jersey & Friesian breed's dung ashes,Bull & buffalo dung,Rice bran & Rice husk ashes,Boiler waste ashes,Thermal Power Plant ashes,White stone powder,Paper cellulose,Calcium carbonate,Chemicals,Paint Powders,Synthetic perfumes etc.,
Where & How to get Thirumoolar Vibhuthi?

ONE Vibhuthi packet of 100 gms is sent as a compliment to the donors who donate a minimum of Rs.100 for Yajur Veda PArAyanam (Vedic recitation) done by Shree Eshwara Shastri (@Vaitheeswaran) at Dindigul,Tamil Nadu.

Kindly add Rs.30 for courier charges ( for within Tamil Nadu).Total=100+30=Rs.130 (For other states add charges accordingly)


There are few Vibhuthi brands (made of so-called cow dung) at Rs.100 per 100gms which are NOT prepared by Brahmins with NATIVE Swadeshi Cow Dung.They are rough and little black in colour.

To conduct a Yajur Veda Samhita pArAyanam for ONE hour by a Vedic scholar, one have to honour at least Rs.500 these days.

So,Rs.100 is NOTHING for this noble venture.You donate only Rs.100 for a service more than Rs.500.And Rs.100 is JUST a Token honorarium for the labour involved!.

There are FAMOUS Vibhuthi brands which sell for Rs.15 per 100 gms. They are capable of selling  cheaper because it is FLY ASH from Boilers,Thermal power plants,industries,Brick Chambers etc., which sell at Rs.1 for 1000Kgs of ash for quick disposal of their ash waste.So,avoid using such brands.

It is hard to find Swadeshi cows (Bos Indicus) even in villages now a days.Without swadeshi cow dung,Vibuthi lacks sacredness.Donate and save OUR Swadeshi cows from EXTINCTION!.

Before you buy ANY Vibhuthi,CHECK whether,

1)It is made from SWADESHI cow dung &

2)It is made by VEDIC Brahmins.

3)It is NOT rough in texture (Some add  rice husk ash too) and

4)NOT much black/grey in colour.


1)A person can get maximum ONLY FIVE 100gms packets of Vibhuthi per month as a COMPLIMENT for Veda Paaraayana donations. 

( For Temples,Sabhas,Orgs large quantities of Vibhuthi is prepared on request.Email for more details.)

Suggested Donations:

  1. Rs.100 - Get 1 Vibhuthi packet as compliment
  2. Rs.300 - Get 3 Vibhuthi packets as compliment 
  3. Rs.500 - Get 5 Vibhuthi packets as compliment 

2) This Vibuthi is usually sent WITHOUT fragrance.If you require vibhuti WITH fragrance kindly specify.

3)We prepare this Vibhuthi in a VERY small quantity.So,Kindly confirm availability of Vibhuthi in order to avoid waiting time as
this is NOT done as a business.
4) This Vibhuthi will NOT be available in any shops in Chennai or other places.It is sent only by courier from Dindigul to the Donors of Yajur Veda PArAyanam.

5)The amount you donate goes to Vedic pandits,Vedic sacrifices/Homa/havans for universal welfare and to Goshalas to protect Swadeshi Cows from Extinction!.



To get Vibhuthi: M.O donations for Veda pArAyana (minimum Rs.100) plus courier charges Rs.30 (for within TN) to the address given below,

Contact Address:

56,New Agraharam,
Palani Road,
Tamil Nadu.


Ph: 90252 51072 

Vibhuthi is also sent by VPP (Value Payable Parcel) & COD (Cash On Delivery).

For other states Courier Charges-AP,Karnataka,Kerala-Rs.40 for 100 gms.Add Charges according to your state.
(To confirm Vibhoothi availability Message/Post in Facebook/mail to

Details to Donate Online/NEFT:

Name                 :B.Vaitheeswaran,
SB Account no.  : 871839578
IFSC code          :IDIB000D038
Bank                  :Indian Bank
Branch               :Nehruji Nagar,Dindigul.

After funds transfer do not forget to inform in Facebook/email.

To view "Thirumoolar Vibhuthi" packets & to know the Mobile no. for clarifications, visit our Facebook page,

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Which kind of Vibhuthi is meant for you?

There are different kinds of vibhuthi for different kinds of people.Better if One prepares vibhuthi on his own.If  not possible,Everybody can use Vibhuthi that is prepared without mantras (made from PachanAgni).Let us see what Dharma Shastras say  about vibhuthis.

1)For Brahmins,Kshatriyas,Vaishyas:

   a)Vibhuthi obtained after he performs HIS Agnihotra Homa OR

    b) House-holders who couldn't do agnihotra should use his OupAsana Homa Basma. (Brahmacharis should use his SamidhAdhana Agni Basma ) OR

   c) Vibhuthi prepared as per "Basma JAbala Upanishad" OR

   d) Vibhuthi prepared from PachanAgni ( preparing without mantras from the cooking fire from the house of a Learned Brahmin ).
   e) Vibhuhti obtained from HomAs done for global welfare like Navagraha Homa,Varuna Homa etc.,

  f) Vibhuthi obtained from the performance of  HIS Viraja Homam (Viraja Homa is done before one takes SanyAsa to get rid of all sins.Sanyasins mainly use Viraja homa Basma)

Kshatriyas & Vaishyas should have undergone sacred thread ceremony.  Otherwise they too need to use only the Vibhuthi meant for Shudras.

For ShudrAs:

Vibhuthi prepared from PachanAgni ( preparing without mantras from the cooking fire from the house of a Learned Brahmin ).

ShudrAs should not use the vibhuthi prepared by & which are in the hands of panchamAs,Chandalas etc.,

What is Viraja Homa?

Viraja Homa is done before one takes SanyAsa to get rid of all sins.Sanyasins mainly use Viraja homa Basma. One may use the Vibhuthi obtained from the performance of  HIS Viraja Homam.

The objective to perform Viraja Homa is NOT to prepare Vibhuthi. Homa meant to prepare Vibhuthi is "Basma JabAla Upanishad" Homa.

Which Vibuthi can be used by all Twice-Born (DvijAs) people? i.e.Brahmana,Kshatriya & Vaishyas?

Vibhuthi prepared from Vibhuthi Homa as said by Lord Shiva to Maharishi JAbala In "Bhasma JAbala Upanishad".
PachanAgni Basma.


Which Vibhuthi can be used by ALL?

PachanaAgni Basma. 


1)Thirumoolar Vibhuthi is prepared by PachanaAgni. It is NOT prepared by Viraja Homa as we have to distribute vibhuthi to all kinds of people (i.e.People without SamskAras like Upanayana/Sacred thread etc )

2) If brahmins require vibhuthi made by "Basma Jabala Upanishad" Homa it can be done on request.


How Vibhuthi should be prepared?

1)It should be made only from a healthy Original Cow belonging to the family of BOS-INDICUS.It is also called as Swadeshi cow,Nattu Pashu etc in various places.

2)It is said in Vedic Scriptures that Vibhuthi should be prepared only by Vedic Scholars by performing the Vedic rituals.Vibhuthi needs to be received only from Vedic Brahmins for spiritual use.

Original Vibhuti from traditional Indian cows

Why Vibhuthi should NOT be made from Imported exotic "so-called" cows like Jersy & HF breeds?

As per Vedic scriptures,while describing the features of a cow says that only animals with Kakuth & Saasna - physical features can be called as Cows and should be worshiped as Gomatha!.

Three Important physical features a cow should posses are: (See Pic on right)

1)Kakuth -Hump on the back
2)Saasna -Dewlap below the neck
3)Slanted feature from hump to tail.

You can observe in the right hand side pictures that Only Bos-Indicus species which are native to India have such features.

Bos Taurus which are exotic breeds imported from abroad do NOT posses these features.So,as per Vedic scriptures they are not considered as cows.So,their milk products such as milk,curd,butter,ghee are not used by learned Vedic Scholars in  Vedic rituals,poojas,Panchagavya preparation etc.,.).

It is also proved scientifically that exotic breeds such as Jersy,Friesian cows yield Milk which are dangerous to human health as it contains Beta-casein protein,which provides the milk to appear yellowish in colour.Milk from such exotic breeds are classified as "A1 milk" in many countries.A1 milk have created milk allergies,Diabetes,heart failure and many health disorders for many people all over the world due to its prolonged consumption.

For reference visit ,

3)  etc.,

"Devil in the milk "-A MUST READ for all who consume the A1Milk of exotic cows without knowing its health hazards. ebook available at,

It has also been proved that even just 1 m.g Dung of exotic breeds consists of millions of "Pathogenic bacterias" which are harmful to be used as Organic Manure even in agriculture.

Whereas,Gomaya & Gomutra of Traditional Cow breeds of India like Kangaeyem,Gir etc posses millions of beneficial bacterias fit for medicinal preparations in Ayurveda like Panchagavya etc., and could be used for agriculture for organic manure.

It is found that ONE COW of traditional Indian Cow breeds would be sufficient to provide organic fertilizer to 30 ACRES of land WITHOUT any requirement for Chemical Fertilizers like Urea,DAP,NPK  etc.,

Our present Cow population will be sufficient to provide organic manure to our  Whole Indian landscape to produce natural,organic food to its people. Thus,saving farmers & Government  millions of rupees of expenditure on fertilizer Imports and providing people with Toxic-free food.


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