Where & how to get Thirumoolar Vibhuthi?

Vibhuthi is given as a compliment by Sri Vaitheeswara Sharma who contribute for Yajur Veda PArAyanam(Chanting/recitation/Japa/ வேத பாராயணம்,வேதம் ஓதுதல்) & Swadeshi Goshala.

Contact details:

To get Vibhuthi by courier, email us your requirements to Thirumoolarvibhuthi@gmail.com .
Contributions by Cheque/DD may be sent to,

56,New agraharam,

Or Message us at,


 * Vibuhti with & without fragrance available.

Suggested Donation:

This is NOT a business venture. Vibhuthi is prepared in very small scale to meet the genuine requirement of bhakthas who are in search for pure vibhuthi.

Vibhuthi is given for FREE to "POOR" Shiva bhakthas who come in person.

Minimum Rs.100 for 100gms.  Add Rs.35 for courier charges.

Minimum Rs.1000 or more for 500 gms. Inclusive of courier charges.

Only Maximum 500gms given for a 'individual' as of now.

Due to scarcity of  "mud-free" swadeshi cow dung , high prices of raw materials required to prepare, high labour costs to work in a smoky & dusty process , service charges for scholars ; Making charges, back breaking process involved in separating quality vibhuthi  & wastage --
 above mentioned amount may seem to be high compared to the 'so-called' vibhuthi ( fake vibhuthi ) of popular brands available in shops. So the amount you donate is just a 'token' contribution to the efforts and rare vedic scholars involved.

Bank details:

B.Vaitheeswaran, Dindigul, Indian Bank, SB A/c no.871839578, IFSC : IDIB000D018